Homeschooling often requires less time than traditional schooling. This page is full of productive (and fun) recommendations for what to do with this extra time.

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Educational Workbooks and Projects

These supplemental workbooks are a quick and fun way to teach your student new skills!

Make Learning Fun

These games and toys will teach your students without feeling like work!

Cash Register Toy and Play Money

Age 3-8

Younger kids can learn about counting, payments, addition, and subtraction while making change!

Mindfulness Games for Kids and Parents

Age 4-17

This is three games in one, and is meant help children and their guardians connect and learn about mindfulness. It’s also a good size for travel!

Pentago Board Game

Age 6+

This game is simple enough for very young children, but is still fun even into adulthood. Students learn logic, problem solving, and thinking ahead. Available in both a 2-player version or a 4-player version.


Age 8+

This is a fun way to increase vocabulary and improve spelling, plus it can be played by all ages.

Cashflow Board Game

Age 14+

This game teaches accounting and personal financial planning. Not only is it fun, it teaches lessons that will improve your child’s life!

Activities and Hobbies

Fun ways to keep your student active!

Parent/Guardian Resources

Our consultants recommend the following books to help parents and guardians homeschool successfully.