Which Program is Right for Me?

DescriptionOnline-only curriculumPhysical workbooks done with pen/pencil
Lesson TypesText, Audio, and VideoText
Test TypesMultiple-choice, fewer essaysMultiple-choice and essays
Test GradingMultiple-choice: automated
Essays: done by parents with answer key
Done by parents with Teacher’s Guide.
Emailed to Homeschool Academy for validation.
Parent Effort Required1 hour per weekGrades K-2: 10 hours per week
Grades 3-12: 5 hours per week
Best forWorking parents/guardians
Visual/auditory learners
Hands-on parents
Accelerated timeline available?YesYes
Secular (non-religious) curriculum available?Yes
Grades 1-12
Christian curriculum available?Yes
Grades 3-12
Grades K-12
High School diploma and transcript available?YesYes

Combination Options

Students may combine the above programs. Your consultant will discuss your options to designing a unique curriculum around a combination of workbooks and on-line classes so students can advance according to his/her own pace. This will allow students to graduate early if they choose or extend the date for special circumstances.

High School Credit

All courses offered at the Academy carry high school credit for homeschoolers who wish to earn a diploma. Course selections are structured to meet New Jersey High School diploma requirements.

If the student has already begun high school courses, obtain a copy of the student’s transcript from their guidance office, and we will use that to continue their coursework where they left off.

Upon completion of the New Jersey requirements, students will receive a diploma and transcript from the Homeschool Academy. We guarantee your transcript will be accepted by colleges and trade schools, or we will refund your registration fee!

Available Courses


Online (Secular)Online (Christian)Workbooks
Registration Fee
(per student)
Renewal Fee
(per student, per addl grade level)
Required Courses
(Math, Science, History, & English)
Elementary level:
$25 per month (first student)
$15 per month (each addl student)

High School level:
$35 per month per student
$39 per month (first student)
$20 per month (each addl student)
$400 per year, per student
Additional Elective Courses*
(per subject, per student)
$5 per month$10 per month
$40 to $72 per year
$40 – $72
Elective Foreign Language Courses
(per language)
$59.95 for 6 months$80 per year$96 (including CD)
Elective Writing Course$99.95 for 8 weeksn/an/a
Elective Driver’s Ed Course$60$60$60

* Note: High School diploma requires some electives

The Academy’s Cancellation Policy states that courses may be cancelled at any time after the first month. There are no refunds, but credit may be applied toward other course selections.

Other Programs

Diploma Program

This is designed for parents who have their own curriculum and wish to earn high school credit toward a diploma. Our consultant will guide you to select proper subjects to meet state requirements and how to prepare your course work for validation. Upon successful completion, we will provide both a diploma and a transcript. We guarantee your transcript will be accepted by colleges and trade schools, or we will refund your registration fee!

Cost: $400 per student initial registration. $200 per student, per additional year.


Reading Assessment is a K-12 measure that provides objective, individualized assessment data across eight reading measures that together profile each student’s reading abilities and prescribe individual learning paths.

Diagnostic Assessment of Mathematics K-7: Designed specifically to assess across 44 constructs within five instructional strands.

Cost: $50 per subject

Please contact your consultant if you have needs for additional testing.

Video-Only Curriculum

We also offer a video-only online curriculum intended for students with learning disabilities or for students who are over 18 and are ineligible for public schooling. This is a good option for students who have difficulty reading or maintaining focus for extended periods. The lessons consist of 10 minute videos followed by a short quiz. At the end of each subject, there is an overall test to confirm successful completion. All grading is automatic, so little effort is required from the parent/guardian.

Cost: $70 per student, per month. All courses are available while your subscription is active.

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